John & Kalli Wilson's Story

doTERRA Presidential Diamonds & EO Movement Founders

Parents to five children, John and Kalli's passion is to strengthen individuals and families by leading them to the tools and resources to unlock new levels of health and prosperity.


A small-town girl from Hawaii, Kalli is a certified holistic health coach, popular wellness educator, and host of the Essential Oil Coach podcast. She regularly trains for doTERRA corporate including at doTERRA's annual global convention with over 30,000 people in attendance and national and international leadership events. Most recently she trained in Tokyo, Japan, and spoke in Dusseldorf, Germany. She primarily oversees the training development and support of Wellness Advocates & Customers.  


John, a music composer, home builder, and farm boy from Washington, enjoys recruiting and connecting with new leaders ready for change and hungry to make their mark in the industry. Enthusiastic and multi-talented, he is often seen capturing the doTERRA journey with his video camera. Also bilingual, John overseas doTERRA's expansion in Spanish-speaking markets.


On the verge of financial ruin, John and Kalli Wilson sold furniture in their home to buy their first essential oil kit. John was facing severe health issues.  He exhausted traditional methods of recovery, and unable to return to work, his condition led to the family's financial devastation.  


Looking for options, a friend offered the Wilson family a doTERRA sample of essential oil and invited them to look at the doTERRA business opportunity. Blown away at the impact of the product on their health, they were intrigued, and the chance to work with a world-class company was too good to pass up. 


Working tandem during the cracks of their day, with young children in tow, John and Kalli caught the vision and traveled the world sharing their love of oils to anyone who would listen.


They quickly hit the Silver rank in a month, Diamond the next year, and continued through the business ranks until reaching the top 1% level in the company, Presidential Diamond.


With a group of exceptional business partners and wellness experts, they lead an essential oil movement that expands the globe and reaches tens of thousands in over 20 countries.

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