Oil Refresher

Thank you for being our doTERRA customer!  You have your essential oils and wellness products.  We want to make sure you know how these products can profoundly change your life forever. Register now for one of our LIVE Oil Refresher Classes!  

Wednesday, August 25th
2:30 PM HST
5:30 PM PST
6:30 PM MST
7:30 PM CST
8:30 PM EST

Meredith Reilly 2020 doterra shoot.JPG

Thursday, August 26th (Hawaii)
8:00 PM HST
11:00 PM PST
12:00 AM MST
1:00 AM CST
2:00 AM EST

Leah Karratti.jpg

Saturday, August 28th
5:30 AM HST
8:30 AM EST
9:30 AM MST
10:30 AM CST
11:30 AM EST