doTERRA Biz Overview

Curious about the doTERRA Business Opportunity?  Did you know you can turn your passions into profits and create passive income? Every day people get their oils paid for, work part-time, or even retire early doing doTERRA as a business. Join a live doTERRA Biz Overview with a high-earning Wellness Advocate who can tell you more.  Meetings are held every Tuesday.



doTERRA Biz Certification Course

Learn from top wellness advocates! Throughout this course, you’ll learn the principles of success used by top field leaders, who know what it’s like to be in your shoes. Learn the basics of building a strong doTERRA business so you can authentically show up and serve in a way that only you can. Your unique voice is needed. This certification course can help you create the success you’ve been working for.  This course is included in your initial enrollment package.



Essential Oil Business Bootcamp

Ready to launch your essential oil business? Set up your business right, understand the ins and outs of making money, fast track success by learning the five crucial doTERRA conversations, and think and act like a diamond leader. Live group coaching happens twice a year

($199 value). EO Movement members pay a $5 registration fee.




Weekly Team Biz Calls

Get live support and training weekly with a Diamond+ Wellness Advocate leader.  Master the mindset, skillset, and toolset of an unstoppable wellness entrepreneur and industry leader.



Train By Rank

Hire a group coach and level-up your capacities to reach your next doTERRA rank.  Recommended by top leaders on the EO Movement Team, you'll get access to weekly group coaching and a rank specific curriculum specific to your needs for 8 weeks.