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Launch Your Doterra Business

Ready to get the ball rolling on your business?  
Check out the recommended "next steps" below.

1. Get the New Builder Emails

Register now for a series of daily emails to help you get your business set up before your first mentor call! This will save you time and get you ready to launch your business. You get all the "checklists" you need to get you ready to run.

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Biz Overview

2. Watch the Biz Overview & Get the Guides

We know what it is like to start a new business. It can be exciting yet intimidating. Your doTERRA mentor will be your guide and keep you accountable for your goals. You can DO THIS, but you need the right skills, tools, and mindset to make this business work for you.


If you haven't done a doTERRA Business Overview with the Build Guide yet, do so now with Master Distributor Justin Harrison.

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doTERRA Biz Certification

3. Get doTERRA Biz Certified

Learn from top wellness advocates! Throughout this course, you’ll learn the principles of success used by top field leaders, who know what it’s like to be in your shoes. Learn the basics of building a strong doTERRA business so you can authentically show up and serve in a way that only you can. Your unique voice is needed. This certification course can help you create the success you’ve been working for.  This course is included in your initial enrollment package.

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Oil Games

4. Listen to the Daily Mentor Calls 

If you're DRIVEN and SERIOUS about building your business at a fast pace, enroll in this program. Join doTERRA Triple Diamond Allyse Sedivy for a 50-Day Journey to Build Your Business from the Ground Up! Discover the Essential Steps for Real doTERRA Business Growth. Know what to do, when to do it and how. 

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Bonus Links
Quick Links

Bonus: Join our business community!

Want to collaborate with other doTERRA Wellness Advocates?  Get advice, keep in loop about upcoming promos and events, and feel the power of people locked arms in doing good around the world.

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FB Community
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