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Learn about essential oils

From novice to expert, choose the path that's right for you.


Watch an Intro Class

If you haven't been to an Essential Oils Made Simple, this is a great starting point.  This class will cover the basics and the most commonly used oils.  This class is taught by Kalli Wilson, doTERRA Presidential Diamond.

Enroll in Continuing Education

You've invested in incredible, life-changing products. You have the POWER to transform the way you care for yourself and your family. Let our team of essential oil experts share the "know-how" to use your products confidently.  This is an on-demand 8-Week Wellness Series delivered weekly to your inbox. Graduates also earn a graduation prize ($50 value).

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Attend the Online Monthly Masterclass

This is the EO Movement's most popular class series!


These are perfect for the person who is ready to learn beyond the basics.  From essential oil cooking to love potions for romance,  a new specialty class is held every third Monday of the month.  

Register for text and email reminders!​

Text "reminders" to (435) 879-3184 now.

Become a doTERRA Certified Essential Oil Specialist

Ready to dive deep into the science of oil chemistry and application? This course includes videos, text, illustrations, and quizzes to help you learn and retain in-depth information. By the end, you will be a doTERRA-certified essential oil specialist, with the confidence to use and share oils effectively. Cost is $97.

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Check out our
Quick Link Library!

We've curated a list of our favorite resources and helpful links to help you expand your wellness knowledge! From scientific studies to must-have books and apps to downloadable recipes, we've got you covered!

Join our community!

Join our Private Facebook Community & get the latest details on products, promotions, and events.  Network with a tribe of oil users who love to share personal tips, advice, and ideas and what you can do with your essential oils.

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