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Continuing Education

From a confused to confident oil user in 6 weeks!

Jump in!

You've invested in incredible, life-changing products. You have the POWER to transform the way you care for yourself and your family. Let our team of essential oil experts give you the "know-how" to use your products confidently anytime, anywhere.

Each week, you can attend a live group coaching call with an essential oil expert via Zoom for a deeper dive into the material. These calls are invaluable! You can ask anything and share your essential oil wins with the community so they can grow too! 


It's an 6-week educational experience. Every week a new pre-recorded class will be delivered to your inbox (plus 2 bonus classes!). You will have one week to watch the class on your own time prior to the weekly live call.

Live group coaching calls are held a few times a year, so don't wait on this!

Don't forget to text your doTERRA enroller and let them know that you are in the program.

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What's Covered?

8 Classes of "you'll never be the same."  Here's what's included: 

  1. I Have Oils, Now What?: Get Your Home Ready for EO Success

  2. Toxin-Free Living: Easy DIY Tips to Rid Your Home of "Dirty" Products BONUS CLASS

  3. Stress, Sleep + Emotions: Your Mental Health Deserves the Spotlight

  4. Nutrition + Supplements: Increase Energy & Vitality  from the Inside Out

  5. Oils for Every Age:  0-100 Years Old, Learn How Oils Come to the Rescue BONUS CLASS

  6. Pain Management: Soothe Muscles, Joints, Nerves & Beyond

  7. Women's Health + Hormones: From PMS to Menopause, Here's What Can Help

  8. Skin Care: From Beauty to First Aid, You'll Love the Power of Essential Oils

Upon Completion

After completing your training by truthfully (wink, wink) attending all of the 8 classes, complete the following form to receive your digital certificate of completion and graduation gift:

*Please note: Graduation gifts are shipped out 4 times a year in batches due to the volume of participants. These gifts are generously sponsored by your Wellness Advocates Support Team (not doTERRA). Gifts may vary from person to person. Should you have any questions, email

Image by Becca Tapert
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